"Portrait of Jim--Mirror Image"

3rd Place Award--Prints & Mixed Media

Carnegie Arts Center 2013 Spring Juried Art Show ~ Turlock

"Flight of the Heron"

(Taken at "The Reserve" GC at Spanos)

"Sun Dial Bridge Acrobats"

Shown at the Carnegie Arts Center--Turlock in Central California Art Showcase 2015

California State Fair --Award of Merit ~ Summer 2015

"Reflections on Life"

Shown at the Lodi Spring Show--Woodbridge Winery

April  2015

"Playtime at the Shore"

Honorable Mention award  ~  "Drawing on Childhood" Show

2016  Carnegie Arts Center--Turlock

"Grapes of the Past"  (rev)

Third Place Award--Landscapes  Lodi Photography Show 2017

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"Wildflowers Farm"

Previous Award Winner

"Sunflower Farm II"

"Bing Cherry Orchard"

"Almond Orchard Composition"

"Almond Snow Composition"

"Almond Farm"

"Almond Orchard with Tin Roof"

"Sea Lions at Dusk"

"Rose Buds by the Sea"

"Surfers on the Rocks"

"Glacier Jumping Dogs"

"Morro Beach Dogs"

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"Delta Cranes"

"Mountain Moose"

"Nasturtiums at Golden Gate"

"Knights Ferry Bridge"

Valley Focus Juried Show--Carnegie Arts Center 2018

"Reflections at The Reserve GC"