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All my "nymphs" began as pencil figure drawings of nudes.  The drawings were scanned into the computer and then placed into elaborate backgrounds all created by me using the tools and brushes of Photoshop and my Wacom tablet and pen tool. 

The image above shows the progression at the bottom from pencil drawing to the finished product in the larger image. 

My 2013 Calendar featured variations of these nymph series images.

"Metamorphosis of a Nymph"

"Butterfly Nymph"

"Enchanted Forest Nymph"

"Garden of Eden Nymph"

"Nymph in Summer Landscape"

"Nymph in Night Scape"

"Nymph in the Copper Forest"

"Nymph in the Woods"

"Nymph on Peacock"

"Nymph in Winter Forest"

"Sunflower Nymph"

"Nymph Among Calla Lilies"

"Nymph in Moonlight"

"Nymph in the Vineyard"

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